Kiddsbay is a platform that first and foremost strives to teach kids.

What do we teach?

Primarily a variety of fundamental life skills – including negotiation, empathy, presentation skills, problem solving and confidence!

But who does the teaching? 

The roles of mentor and group leader are fundamental in the utilisation of the Kiddsbay platform for teaching purposes.

A mentor guides and assists the kiddtrepreneurs and decides what has/hasn’t been completed in the scope of challenges and levels.

Mentors can be parents, guardians, older siblings, teachers, group leaders or even students!

The role of group leader is just as important.

The group leader is in charge of creating the group on the Kiddsbay platform. These leaders are then able to invite other members to join and decide whether these individuals are a mentor or a leader.

This role can be taken on by mentors and may even be applicable for principals and organisational leaders.

As Kiddsbay thrives on collaboration – our roles of group leader and mentors are pieces are the puzzle that would not be complete without you, the Kiddsbayer.

So what are you waiting for?

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Ellie McRae