What is a profitable enterprise versus a non-profitable one?

Why do some businesses focus on making a positive impact over all else?

How do we encourage kids to embrace the idea of changing the world for the better and what tools do we have at hand to get them there? 

All these questions are of great significance in our world, where the nature of sustainability in businesses is growing in importance.

A profitable enterprise is one that operates almost solely to make profit, so they are certainly making money, but do not necessary take into consideration their external impact on the world. 

A not-for-profit organisation, on the other hand, is one that works towards a certain social purpose. This positive impact made by a non-profit being usually beneficial for marginalised groups in society and for noble causes that require immediate attention. 

However, for profits should be encouraged more and more in our society to consider their impacts.

This is where kids come in.

As the leaders of the next generation, they are the catalysts for change. Thus, it is in their hands to ensure that we are behaving sustainably and having an ethical impact on society – whether that involves running a for profit organisation or not.

It’s up to them so why not teach them how and why.

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Ellie McRae