Kiddsbay is all about empowering kids and students around the world to discover their potential.

At Kiddsbay we believe together we can all go further. Joining forces with other organizations and individuals helps us expand our horizon and enables us viewing business challenges from a different perspective.

As Kiddsbay expands its operations in the US market have formed a new strategic partnership with Young Champion Ambassador (YCA).

What is YCA?

YCA is a youth leadership program. YCA’s mission is all about engaging students with the origins and the promise of Olympic City USA.

YCA at its core provides high school students leadership skills such as empathy, confidents, critical thinking, problem solving and public speaking. Once a YCA graduated the program he/she has for life a deep sense of community and pride.

The values held by YCA, inclusive of determination, inspiration, equality and courage, are in line with what Kiddsbay hope to instil in kids.

The partnership between YCA and Kiddsbay is visionary, intentional and relational.

Together we aspire to develop resilient individuals who pursue their passions in a way that gives back and helps them build meaningful lifelong connections.

Ellie McRae