What is… financial independence?

Financial independence is when an individual, or in this case, a kid, can manage their money in such a way that allows them to make personal choices about where their money goes. Essentially, kids choosing to save or spend money independently of adults. However, his power is not to be taken lightly, as kids must be first taught how to be financially independent, as to avoid detrimental decision-making.

What are the benefits of being financially independent?

Kids who are financially independent are benefitted, as unlike their peers, they have a greater understanding of the value of money and the implications of their spending. The result being the making of more informed decisions and adults having the burden of kids relying on them financially into adulthood lifted.

How can a kid become financially independent?

Sign up with us at Kiddsbay! The financial literacy skills that are taught through our platform give kids the insight necessary to make important life decisions. Adults can thus be assured that whilst kids are having fun, they are also learning and improving themselves in numerous ways.

Financially independent is something every kid can become, given the development of rationality and pursuit of ambition.

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Ellie McRae