Our Business Map on our Kiddsbay community platform is designed especially for kids, assisting them in becoming the most creative, business-minded versions of themselves they can be.

Last time, we covered Level 1 of the Business Map, helping kids establish what it is they are good at (their strengths) and/or love to do (their passions) – find the blog here.

After giving some good thought to where kid’s talents lie, Level 2 of the Business Map is then dedicated to developing creative thinking within kids, helping them come up with a variety of interesting and innovative business ideas.

Creative thinking can be bolstered by thinking outside the box – take what is consider normal and turn it right on it’s head! Look into other founders of companies and businesses and how they came up with their ideas to get some inspiration.

Once creative thinking has been initiated, it’s about coming up with that one business idea. A business idea can be anything from selling handmade slime to colourful, abstract paintings – see CassieSwirls! All it takes is the harnessing of skills and passions to come with this idea, the perfect one could be right in front of you!

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Ellie McRae