Why are we at Kiddsbay so passionate about kids being entrepreneurial (or kidtrepreneurial if you will)?

We believe that our kids adopting entrepreneurial skills come with a range of benefits inclusive of building character, becoming more resourceful and breaking the chains of traditional expectations.

Firstly, when one is entrepreneurial they may face many barriers to success, but contrary to this being a negative, obstacles could in fact be a positive attribute. How? Well, by facing an element of rejection kids can then build up resilience and a drive to keep going – a character trait not often built through modern expectations.

Secondly, entrepreneurial kids often have to be more innovative and creative in their approaches – building a resourcefulness that isn’t as fostered in the work force, as it is through self-direction and being your own boss! Kids thus become more capable to take on the world using their skills and prowess alone. 

Finally, the current expectation of going to school, then to university and finally into a full time job is a rhetoric that is overdone – and is proven to not suit all individuals. So, Kiddsbay is suggesting an alternative route where kids can find their success through pursuing what they love best.

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Ellie McRae