Why is financial literacy so important for the kids of today and tomorrow?

Well, as it stands, 48% of adults in a 2017 survey for the Financial Literacy Foundation stated that they do not budget regularly for their day-to-day finances. As well as this 27% said that they had personal problems in setting aside money for big purchases and most shockingly, 17% of adults surveyed claim that they would not be able to get by in the event of financial emergency.1

These existing and very real statistics speak volumes about the current state of financial literacy in our education system. This is particularly significant as kids not being able to fend for themselves given a sudden change in life circumstances is something many parents fear, yet do not often know how to navigate. 

So, is there a solution?

We at Kiddsbay sure think so; with our proposed solve being in the form of a community platform, giving kids exposure to some of the most fundamental financial literacy skills and in developing their business acumen.

This way kids, despite a lack of exposure in schools, will be able to better themselves skill-wise and consequently tackle all the potential obstacles that may lie ahead.

Be a part of making this happen, sign up today. 


Ellie McRae