Why does society teach our kids that there is only one route to success?

This route being one that is constantly reiterated in the media and even by the schools that our kids are enrolled in…

Sounds familiar? If not, we’re referring to the expectation of going to school, then acquiring a university degree and then working until retirement.

Yes it’s a way to achieve certain goals, but why is this the constant rhetoric our kids are exposed to, especially when there are so many other (lesser explored) routes to success?

For instance, we at Kiddsbay have another in mind.

Our community fosters and believes strongly in kids unlocking their entrepreneurial spirit and brainstorming innovative ideas that can then be turned into real life business ventures.

This way kids can unleash their creativity, which is rife in childhood, and turn their passions into something they can profit from, whilst doing something they innately love!

This is the modern age and there is far more than one way to make your dreams a reality, so let’s give kids the chance to pursue something that excites them and motivates them day after day.

 Be part of making this a reality.

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Ellie McRae