Kids are full of ambition; wild spirit and wonderful differences – all attributes that we should be fostering, not hiding away.

So, why is it we so often repress kid’s creativity and box them into the same categories as one another when they are all so uniquely different?  

Should Sophie who loves to draw and read really be set with the exact same expectations as Harry who loves maths and dancing?

We at Kiddsbay, think not, which is why we are doing something about it.

Our community platform is one that celebrates all kids, by giving them each a platform to succeed and thrive.

Kiddsbay knows that all kids are different, and that they each bring varying skills, passions and values to the table – which is why we allow kids to develop their own paths to success, rather than having it mapped out for them.

As well as this, we want to provide them with invaluable skills that they will then be able to implement in their future lives, no matter where their creativity may take them.  

Why let the passions and ambitions of kids die when we can foster them for the better?

Know where the future lies.

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Ellie McRae