Something we hear a LOT at Kiddsbay is:

Is there a difference between passions, interests and skills? 

Our answer to that being: yes, of course!

A passion is what is important to you as an individual – whether that be saving the planet, ensuring equal rights for all or giving back to the community!

An interest is what we enjoy doing! It could be playing tennis, painting, knitting or any variety of activities that put a smile on our face.

A skill on the other hand, is something we are good at! Maybe that something is speaking in multiple languages, leading groups of people or communicating a point effectively – whatever it is, it’s no doubt a skill!

So, how do we bring these three key things together to make something wonderful happen? 

We at Kiddsbay are working on the exact solution to that problem!

Our online community helps kids develop their passions, interests AND their skills and turn them into something more.

Not only does this help kids grow as individuals, it could also result in a profitable enterprise! This allowing kids greater financial freedom and understanding of the value of money and how their skills, passions and interests can be put to practical use!  

Don’t waste a minute more! Sign up today!


Ellie McRae (Kiddsbay)