What are three traits that Kiddsbay encourages in kids?


At Kiddsbay, we know not all ideas may be perfect and that not all plans will go to plan! Regardless, we encourage kids to take charge and overcome even the most difficult and imposing obstacles that stand between them and success.


Every kid has a goal, hobby or passion, and we at Kiddsbay are passionate about kids following their dreams and creating the difference they want to see in the world. Kids can take this spirit and embed into whatever it is that may interest them – giving them a chance to have autonomy in their decision making.  


Business mindedness isn’t the only thing Kiddsbay wishes to see in tomorrow’s future leaders. We also think it is incredibly important that kids are the first to take steps in creating their own futures – whether this be through a great idea or concept or something else entirely. The world is a kid’s oyster – and we at Kiddsbay want to help them make the most of it.

With these traits any kid can become a Kiddsbayer – taking one giant leap for kid-kind and shaping a better tomorrow for kids everywhere!

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Ellie McRae (Kiddsbay)