The World Wide Web can be a scary place for kids to navigate and so, parent and adult supervision can be incredibly important to ensure a happy environment for kids.

We at Kiddsbay realise this risk and, as part as creating an online community for kids of all ages, we work tirelessly to manage our platform, ensuring that kids are safe and happy on Kiddsbay.  

But! If parents still wish to check up on their kids, they can relax knowing they have external control over what it is kids have completed on their Kiddsbay Business Map and profile.

This tool giving parents insight into how productively kids are utilising Kiddsbay and whether or not they need motivation or a push in the right direction.

Parents will thus know whether kids are making the most from the app, as well as being given the peace of mind knowing their kid is part of a friendly and safe community.

Kiddsbay is a fun community for all kinds of kids: savers, spenders and the charitable just to name a few and we want to ensure that all of these kids can make the most of their Kiddsbay experiences.

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Ellie McRae (Kiddsbay)