What makes kids, kids? 

Is it their wild, excitable spirits? Their unquenchable thirst for knowledge? Or is it their willingness to give everything a go?

Whatever it is that gives kids their spirit – we at Kiddsbay believe in supporting, nurturing and developing these positive traits into a way of life!

How do we do this?

Well, our online community at Kiddsbay fosters a positive attitude towards learning, helping kids pick up essential and useful skills in business acumen and financial literacy.

Our community helps kids develop love for individual passions, turning their favourite hobbies into a moneymaking enterprise. For instance, Charitable Charlie is passionate about dogs and their well being, with his dog-walking business giving him the chance to better the lives of dogs he walks as well as others that he benefits through money he earns.

As can be seen through Charlie’s example, Kiddsbay helps kids brainstorm the best possible solutions to problems faced, whilst simultaneously helping kids come to terms with the value of money.

So, not play to kids strengths and give them challenges that help develop their wild, entrepreneurial spirit?

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Ellie McRae (Kiddsbay)