How do we encourage our kids to create in a world where technology and distraction is so readily available?


  1. Present them with alternatives!

Sure, watching television shows and playing video games can be fun, but you know what’s even better – creating something cool and personal which can then be sold, given away or treasured!

If kids know that there is a way to have fun, coming with a reward of self satisfaction or even profit, kids are likelier to put time aside to develop these creative skills, giving them benefits unimaginable.


  1. Offer them a choice

Sometimes kids can be stuck in a mindset where they see no need for creativity or growing on their existing skills – so, give them a choice. It could be giving them the choice between painting and gardening or baking and playing a musical instrument. Whatever it may be, it allows kids to be kids whilst improving in a certain field or at a hobby, rather than spending hour after hour engrossed in technology and isolated from reality.


  1. Encourage them

Maybe your kids feel they don’t have any hobbies or passions to grow on. Help kids find what excites them. This could be the key for unlocking their passions and giving them a chance to try something new and exciting.


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Ellie McRae (Kiddsbay)