Every kid in this world regardless of colour, creed or upbringing deserves the same right to education and opportunities with the shot at writing their own success story.

We at Kiddsbay believe very strongly in this message, wanting to give every kid the chance to develop their skills, no matter the education level or opportunities allowed to them.

How do we aim to achieve this?

Our community is being built to reflect one that is harmonious, accepting and non-judgemental – giving kids from across the globe the equal chance to develop their essential financial literacy and business acumen skills.

As well as this, we want to ensure that the message of anything being achievable regardless of background to be one that is constantly reiterated and emphasised in kids and parents minds!

No kid should be held back from unlocking and discovering their best potential and ultimate versions of themselves, and we at Kiddsbay want to be the catalyst to help make that happen.

Why miss out when you can be part of the change we want to see in society – giving all kids the opportunities they deserve!

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Ellie McRae