What kind of kid do you have?


Are they anything like Entrepreneurial Ellie? A Kiddsbayer who likes arts and crafts more than anything, but also wants her toys to be usable by all – so comes up with an exciting solution of a craft that is safe and tested! 


Or are they like Saver Sandy? Sandy being a Kiddsbayer who thinks recycling is incredibly important to maintain a healthy and happy earth, thus deciding to give her clothes and toys a second chance at life by selling them to other kids!


Or maybe even like Charitable Charlie? Charlie the Kiddsbayer being a kid who really loves dogs, but due to not being able to have one at home, takes matters into his own hands! By starting up a dog walking service, Charlie can both make money for himself AND for dog pounds – supporting his favourite furry four-legged animal in more ways than one!


If your kid is anything like these three kids – finding drive and ambition stemming from a single, simple problem –you have a Kiddsbayer on your hands!


Sign up today and your kid will be well on their way to solving problems and coming up with solutions as clever and exciting as those of Ellie, Sandy and Charlie.


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Ellie McRae (Kiddsbay)