What is the future of entrepreneurship?

Is it inventing flying cars? Or teleportation?

Or is it financially literate kids taking their best foot forward and becoming the change-makers within societies – bettering their own lives and the lives of others?

To us, at Kiddsbay, we believe the future to feature predominantly, the latter.

That is why we prioritise first and foremost, developing the skills of kids, starting early, providing them with all necessary information and assistance in taking positive action for themselves and the world around them.  

Particularly, those that will lead kids to make SMART and SAVVY financial decisions – starting from something as simple as learning how to save their pocket money to understanding how to manage a mortgage!

Kiddsbay’s online community fosters this growth from encouraging basic understanding to more complex business and financial behaviour.

In this way, we can ensure the kids of tomorrow are more than set to take on their futures, and become the best business owner and individual they can be!

Getting started with Kiddsbay is simple! All it takes is a sign up (the kid signs up with the help of a parent) and off they go to build their own adventure.

Why wait? Sign up today.


Ellie McRae (Kiddsbay)