Why do we at Kiddsbay feel so passionately about financial literacy?

Firstly, financial literacy in Australian society and for kids and adults alike is (overall) extremely low. Which is a problem, given the huge practical use of understanding basic saving, spending and overall skill in managing money.

Similarly, we know that a world where kids are well educated on where money comes from and goes, is a world where we are all more educated and able to make intelligent decisions benefitting our own lives, as well as the lives of others.

Finally, we at Kiddsbay want to ensure that financial independence can be achieved by kids of all ages – giving parents the sense that their kid will be just fine out there in the big, wide world.

What we ultimately hope is that the crucial knowledge obtained by kids will then be passed onto future generations, starting a trend of comprehension within our ever-evolving societies.

Which is why our Kiddsbay community works to foster understanding for kids of all ages in comprehending how money and business works and how the processes can best be used to their advantage, gaining skills and experience.

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Ellie McRae (Kiddsbay)