How do we turn an okay idea into the best idea possible?

Brainstorming with friends and family?

Collaborating with other likeminded kids?

Asking the opinion of people you both know and don’t know?

All of these things are ways in which kids can make a dream into a reality – and Kiddsbay as a community revolves entirely on making that happen!

On Kiddsbay, kids can find an idea that aligns perfectly with their passions or interests, with the potential of turning said idea into a profit-making enterprise, fuelled by their wildest dreams and ambitions!

There are only good sides to this coin – with kids themselves through their business creation, capitalising from the learning of fundamental skills, like financial literacy and business acumen. The skills preparing kids to take on the world one great idea and/or solution at a time!

Now, this may all sound well and good but, how do we get started?

Well, getting started is as easy as 1,2, 3.

All parents have to do is sign up to Kiddsbay today – readying their kids for the launch and giving them a head start as to what to expect when the app finally drops!

It’s as simple as that – hope to see you there!


Ellie McRae (Kiddsbay)