Financial literacy.

Why start early?

Or as some may be thinking, why start at all?

Well, really it comes down to a single quote by a government organisation in Canada.

“It is more than a nice-to-have skill. It is a necessity in today’s world — and, moving forward, should be treated as such by policy-makers, educators, employers and other stakeholders across the country.”1

Financial literacy is becoming more and more critical as a skill in today’s society, and the younger you start, the better!

Why is this?

Well, kids have minds that are designed to learn and adults have minds designed to perform.2

What this implies is that the earlier kids come to take on information the better it sticks. So really, teaching a kid the paramount importance of saving or how a mortgage works can have larger implications than anticipated.

The result of this is seen when a kid instilled with fundamental financial literacy skills and business acumen hits the workplace. Not only do they have useful abilities that many of their peers may lack, he or she is already near to fully equipped to perform to the best of their abilities!

If this isn’t considered a game changer for the workplace, then what is?

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Ellie McRae (Kiddsbay)