Why is it so important our kids get their head around how money really works?

Well, first and foremost in our ever-changing, technologically advancing world, money is no longer traded in dollars and cents (or nearly as much) as it once was.

This lack of physical transactions makes it increasingly difficult for kids to understand how money is actually traded from one individual to the other and the resulting consequences of said transactions.

What this implies is that kids may not realise the worth of the money being spent leading them to believe that money is an abstract concept – perhaps even into their early teens! 

This create an uncertain financial future for our kids, as we of course want them to be able to be independent and successful, but we are completely unaware as to how the current nature of technology and monetary trade will affect them in the long run.  

As a result, we at Kiddsbay have established an online community providing kids with the essential skills needed in financial literacy and business acumen to get ahead from a young age.

What this will ensure is a group of kid leaders who are future ready and prepared to take on whatever may come their way.

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Ellie McRae (Kiddsbay)