What were your hobbies or pastimes as a kid?

Painting, dancing or singing?

Were any of them developing essential financial literacy skills.

It’s unlikely!

Despite the important skills developed by other hobbies, it’s similarly hard to deny the importance of refining fundamental financial understanding from an early age. This development ensuring that into adulthood, there is an understanding of crucial matters such as cash management and business acumen.

But how do you work this into a day-to-day curriculum when other hobbies take precedence?


Kiddsbay is an online community where kids can start up their own businesses and although it teaches kids fundamental skills that will benefit them long into their futures – the interactive interface will have kids having so much fun they won’t even notice the learning taking place. 

If this doesn’t sound like a productive and beneficial hobby, then what does?

Signing up couldn’t be easier either  – the easy to use application has Marvin the Master and other bots leading kids through each step of their business-setup, keeping kids intrigued and coming back for more!

So, when you next consider signing up your kid for another extra-curricular, look towards Kiddsbay for an alternative, which will (without breaking the bank) provide your kids with essential life skills, benefitting them long into their future.

Sign up today!


Ellie McRae (Kiddsbay)